In the past years I have worked for and with several companies, through which I have built up a large network:


2017, I have been working in the energetic environment of B.Amsterdam, where start ups and corporates come together all focused on innovation. Worked with two of the founders of this company, Guus and Ricardo, before (Hot Networkz) and actually I am not surprised they are so successful. They totally understand what is needed is this new world and on top they have tremendous creativity to make it work in a way nobody would have thought of.


Since 2017, I dived into the world of start ups and innovation, specifically in the field of HR. Also re-inventing myself, but specifically trying to open up eyes of my HR colleagues. The army, believing that things have to be done differently, is growing. 


One of the start ups I embraced is Mployee, they offer the basis for a new HR playing field. A system that works the way we want it to, not vice versa.


Porticus (private philanthropy foundation) - Assignment: global head of HR, reshaping HR and supporting the company in its transiting. What a beautiful company and what an amazing purpose. Never met so many people working with all their hart and energy to change the world. Queen of transformation is absolutely Lucile de Godoy, Lisa Jordan expert in private foundations and leadership, Randa Grob (neuro scientist, who devotes her life to offer education to less privileged children), I really respect my HR team, whom I bully J every day to make HR better (Zsuzsanna Pap, Elisabeth Wilmers, Ellen Boere, Thijs Offermans) and the recruitement team with two top talents (Valerie Debuco and Leonore Kempers), also very happy to work again with Anouk Holsboer. And there a lot of other amazing people managing Porticus around the world…


Mediq - Assignment: starting up organization redesign. Short assignment, but still able to meet a few amazing people. Vincent Weijers (CEO with a very clear plan in mind, but still able to listen  and very open for suggestions and thoughts), Abeth Demmers (the most humorful HR Director I ever met).


TNT -  Assignment: Coordinating several restructuring projects and managing the HR on an interim basis. External partners: Eerlijk met recht,  Maya Hoogeslag (Recruitment), Anneke Meuleveld (Legal, defenitely the fastes legal advisors in the world), Marlieke van Raaij (Legal), Randstad HR solutions, Right, Staat van dienst, Odette Scholten (QPR), Victor Burger (Gooi Consult), Deloitte (retirement advice). Worked together with a lot of amazing people @ TNT: Brigitte van Oosterhout (being 'the' excel wizzard and combining that with excellent communications skills, Maartje de Jong (the queen of project management), Marlies Tilmann (expert in communication and a lot more, Elisabeth Vullings (combining legal with employee relations and all other HR complicated stuff), Liesbeth Steenvoorde (the most optimistic person ever met), etc..


HR Republic (currently PWC) - Worked together with Tommes Krullaars (most creative and strategic HR person in the world), Robert Charlier (also creative, but most of all executive sparring partner), Hanneke Franssen (brilliant networker, very professional HR director -although she still doubts it herself-, but above all very nice person), Anouk Holsboer (connecting every-one, conceptual HR thougt leader, and also very nice person), Jeroen Nigten (then the rooky, but very smart and quick learner), Andrea Broedelet.


Robeco - Assignment: Transition manager take over Robeco. Partner: HR Republic and worked together with very nice Robecco people. Jeroen Aalbers (managing the business of HR), Marieke Kaptein (most talented HR person), Jan Zonne (the only person understanding the bonus structure).


Hot Networkz - Assigment: general manager a.i., worked with a most amazing and young internal team: Guus Meulendijks (combining operations management with crazy creativity), Ricardo van Loenen (even more creative, but had to find his roots), Annemieke Nijhof (super manager, combining this with analytical skills), Koen Legdeur (always positive and as it seems to be smartest person in relation management)


Several assignments for ABN AMRO: Head of HR Business Partners Services NL a.i., Head of Recruitment Center and External Staffing a.i., Program manager ICT restructuring a.i.


Unilever - Projectmanager a.i.


Several assignments for Achmea: HR Transition manager acquisition AXA a.i., HR Manager a.i., HR Advisor a.i.


From 1991-2002 I have worked in service of several companies on HR and change: Cirque du Soleil, Langhenkel, UPC and Spaans Bacock